Nexus Firmware Updates

Please download the whole archive (version 2.0.3):

The archive contains four zip archives with firmware images - each with different default encoders' resolution. Please use Nexus configuration utility if different settings are required.

Please follow the steps below to update the firmware:

1. Decompress the zip file to the root folder of a USB memory stick (or just decompress it and copy 
image.hex to the root folder of a USB memory stick).
2. Make sure Nexus is OFF.
3. Insert the USB stick into Nexus's USB port.
4. Press and hold the 'factory reset' button (small black button next to PortII without text).
5. Turn Nexus ON while still holding the 'factory reset' button. The status LED must be steady ON. 
6. You should notice that the LED on the USB stick is flashing. 
Release the 'factory reset' button now.
7. Wait until the status LED will start 'pulsating flashing'.
8. Turn Nexus OFF and remove the USB stick.
9. Now your Nexus will run the new firmware.

Please note that some USB memory sticks may not work but our tests show SanDisk Cruzer Blade/Edge/Fit USB memory sticks work without problems.
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