Worldwide Distributors

We have partnered with companies across the globe to bring the Nexus series to a wider audience, and you can purchase them from the following distributors below.

We welcome any dealership enquiries, so if you’re interested in stocking our DSCs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Direct Sellers

Telescope/Mount Manufacturers

You can purchase a Nexus DSC pre-installed on your telescope from the manufacturers below.

Suppliers of Encoders & Encoder kits

Below is a list of suppliers selling encoders and kits with encoders to suit various types of telescopes.

Astro DevicesAustraliaEncoders & Telescope encoder kits
La Clef des ETOILESFranceTelescope encoder kits
SkyVisionFranceTelescope encoder kits
Intercon SpacetecGermanyEncoders & Telescope encoder kits
TecnoskyItalyTelescope encoder kits
Astro SystemsUSAEncoders & Telescope encoder kits
JMI TelescopeUSAEncoders & Telescope encoder kits
Sky Engineering Inc.USATelescope encoder kits
US DigitalUSAEncoders
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