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A wireless multifunctional telescope adapter.

Nexus-S combines Serial To Wifi interface with EQDirect to WiFi in one powerful package.

Nexus-S is a multifunctional WiFi telescope interface. Using the advantages of WiFi, Nexus-S allows seamless interfacing of your telescope to the most popular planetarium software running on WiFi compatible computing devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Computers, Android phones/tablets, Windows based PCs/tablets.You can use Nexus-S with planetarium software such as SkySafari Plus/Pro, Starry Night, Cartes du Ciel, TheSky just to name a few.
Powered by external power (5-16V DC) or directly from SynScan hand controller.

Nexus-S can function as a:
• Serial to WiFi adapter
• EQDirect/TTL serial to WiFi adapter

Both Access Point and Infrastructure WiFi network connections are supported.

Nexus-S provides a plug and play integration with telescopes equipped with SynScan hand controller - no extra batteries are required as Nexus-S is powered directly from the SynScan hand controller.

Nexus-S can also be used with other computerised telescopes manufactured by Celestron, Meade, Orion and others.

Please refer to the user manual for further detail. It can be downloaded from the Support section of our website. Feel free to drop us an e-mail if you have any questions.

Nexus-S has been discontinued. Please consider purchasing Nexus-II or Nexus instead.
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