Q: Can I use BETI with an Android based tablet/smart phone?
A: Yes, BETI is compatible with most Bluetooth ® - enabled Android based tablets and smart phones running SkySafari Plus/Pro including Google Nexus series of tablets, Samsung tablets and smart phones.

Q: What is the passkey of my BETI?
A: The passkey is “12345” (please input the passkey without quotes).

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: That depends on a number of different factors – type of encoders used, operating temperature, type of batteries. For example, a pair of NiMH, 2700mA freshly charged batteries will last approximately for four hours at 25oC when connected to a pair of S2 optical encoders from US Digital (

Q: Can I use non-optical encoders?
A: Yes, the firmware processes pulses from standard quadrature encoders. As long as the encoder intended for the installation produces a quadrature output it can be used. BETI has also been tested with optical encoders from US Digital and capacitive rotary encoders from CUI Inc. (AMT102 & AMT103).

Q: I currently have encoders installed on my telescope and use SkyCommander / Argo Navis... Can I re-use the same cable and encoders for BETI?
A: Yes, BETI uses the same type of the connector as used by SkyCommander/Argo Navis / JMI NGCMax / Celestron Advanced Astro Master/ Lumicon Sky Vector / Orion Sky Wizard / Micro Guider 5. There is no need for a new cable or new encoders. The same cable can be re-used to connect to BETI.

Q: Can I change the passkey of my BETI?
A: No, the passkey is inbuilt and cannot be changed.

Q: Do I need to pair BETI with my PDA/PC every time I use them?
A: No, you need to pair BETI with your PDA/PC only once unless you delete BETI from trusted devices list on your PDA/PC.

Q: Does BETI use external power when both external power and batteries are inserted?
A: BETI uses power source selected by the switch ‘Power mode’. It will use either external power or batteries’ power but not both at the same time.

Q: Does BETI have a built-in charger for the installed batteries?
A: No, BETI does not charge the batteries when the external power is connected to it. BETI operates from either external power or from the installed batteries.

Q: How can I determine the resolution of my encoder?
A: Just multiply the CPR (counts per revolution) of your encoder by four and then multiply the result by the ratio of the gears (if you have any) it is connected to your telescope.

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