Using BETI through ASCOM

On computers running Windows, planetarium software supporting real-time telescope interface can be connected to BETI using ASCOM telescope drivers.

What is the ASCOM Initiative?

The ASCOM Initiative is a loosely-knit group of developers and astronomical instrument makers that work together to bring vendor-independent and language-independent plug-and play compatibility between astronomy software and astronomical instruments. ASCOM stands for the Astronomy Common Object Model.

Below are the steps required to get BETI running with your planetarium software using ASCOM telescope driver. These steps correspond to the latest version of ASCOM platform (version 5).

1. Download and install the latest ASCOM platform from

2. Go to Downloads > Driver Downloads > Telescope/Mount section of the ASCOM website and download
Intelliscope telescope driver and install it.

3. Go to the Bluetooth browser, add your BETI and connect to it noting the COM port number:

4. Select 'Connect to telescope' in your planetarium software (for example in Cartes du Ciel it is under the Telescope menu). Configure the telescope driver selecting Orion Intelliscope Mount.

5. Click on the Properties button and set all the fields to correct values corresponding to your location, COM port and encoders in the window that will appear on the screen. For example for Sydney and S2, 10000 encoders it will look like the following:

Now click the button OK.

6. Now connect to BETI and follow the instructions appearing at each step:
- move the telescope to a horizontal position

- move the telescope to a vertical position

- select first alignment star and point the telescope at it

- select second alignment star and point the telescope at it

7. Finished. Now your planetarium software should show where your telescope is pointing.
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