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Encoder Cable - Straight

  • Encoder Cable - Straight
The encoder cable is used to connect encoders to a DSC. You may need an additional cable with an RJ11/RJ22 (6P4C/4P4C) jack for encoders installed on your telescope.

The cable length is selectable - 1.2m (4’), 1.5m (5’) or 1.8m (6’) or custom length (maximum 2.4m or 8’).

The cable is supplied with an RJ11 (6 pins) or an RJ22 (4 pins) plugs for the encoders. The plug that connects to a DSC is an RJ45 (8 pins) plug.

  • 1 x encoder cable
  • 2 x cable ties


Encoder Cable- Straight, RJ11 (6P4C)

US$ 15.00

Encoder Cable- Straight, RJ22 (4P4C)

US$ 15.00

Encoder Cable - Straight


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