Astro Devices to attend NEAF 2017

We loved attending our first show so much, we couldn’t resist coming back!

We’ll be displaying our Nexus DSC and Nexus-II - both of which can be bought from Woodland Hills Camera & Telescope next door to our booth.

What to know some of the cool things you can see and do at our booth? They include:

  • A competition to win a Nexus DSC (worth US$400!)
  • Exclusive 10% off coupons
  • Free chocolates & candy
  • Free red-light keychain flashlights
  • One-on-one chats with our founder, Serge

Additionally, you can check out our Nexus DSC installed on scopes and mounts at the following stands:

We’d love for you to stop by and talk with us, as we love meeting our customers from around the world.

We've also entered a Nexus DSC and Nexus-II into the NEAF raffle prize, so be sure to buy tickets for the chance to win!


8th and 9th April


Rockland Community College, NY, USA

To find out more info and purchase tickets to the show, please click here.

Sign up to our NEAF 2017 mailing list for updates on our progress and to receive a 10% discount code after NEAF weekend.


What Are Digital Setting Circles?

What Are Digital Setting Circles

We're a company that primarily makes digital setting circles - but we've never really offered a clear explanation about what they are (unless you count a short explanation on our brochures). This has been a mistake on our part, considering that digital setting circles can be an astronomer's most-used accessories and have benefited anyone who's ever used them.

We reckon that it's about time we sat down and wrote about the products we make and sell. Below you'll find explanations about DSCs and a little history lesson about them.

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Astro Devices at NEAF 2016

Astro Devices at NEAF 2016

We attended NEAF 2016 in April. We definitely know how late this blog post is - it's been over 6 months since our trip to the States. It's just that we never got around to writing about it. But it's time we sat down for a bit and told you our story. It's a pretty interesting one. We're also posting this to give our readers a good idea of what the biggest astronomy show in the US is like and whether it's worth going (it is!).

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