Worldwide Distributors

We have partnered with companies across the globe to bring the Nexus series to a wider audience, and you can purchase them from the following distributors:

french-flag-small France
italian-flag-small Italy
japanese-flag-small Japan
american-flag-small USA

Suppliers of Encoders/Encoder kits

Below is a list of suppliers selling encoders and also kits with encoders to suit various types of telescopes.
Supplier Hardware Country Website
Astro Devices Encoders/Telescope encoder kits Australia
SkyVision Telescope encoder kits France
La Clef des ETOILES Telescope encoder kits France
Intercon Spacetec Encoders/Telescope encoder kits Germany
Tecnosky Telescope encoder kits Italy
Astro Systems Encoders/Telescope encoder kits USA
JMI Telescopes Encoders/Telescope encoder kits USA
Sky Engineering Inc. Telescope encoder kits USA
US Digital Encoders USA
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